Cricket stand hospitality at Kingsmead stadium

Cricket stand hospitality hosted by NeXstep Events

Cricket stand hospitality
Cricket stand hospitality – picnic bags ready for collection

10 March 2019 – NeXstep Events hosts cricket stand hospitality in the form of a picnic at Sahara stadium Kingsmead.  Our customer is Dykes van Heerden Attorney and Conveyances.  They  invite a few of their valued customers to watch the live cricket.

Careful planning and attention to detail ensures that the guests enjoy a luxurious picnic in the Castle Corner area.  The informal picnic area allows customers to bring their own camping chairs and blankets, ensuring a relaxed and fun environment for guests to cheer the Proteas. .

A personal welcome at the main gate

Our services include a welcome desk for guests at the main gate where guests collect their divine personalized and branded cooler bags.  We pack each bag with custom and preferred snacks, soft drinks and a home made picnic meal.

Durban is known for its hot and humid days.  Our collection of drinks on ice ensures that all guests stay refreshed during the cricket.

Comfort and luxury is our middle name and we pre-book all tickets at events to save guests from standing in long queues.  Grateful guests collected their pre-purchased tickets on arrival with their decadent cooler bags before the game, very impressed that they did not have to join the queues.

Stand hospitality – the planning phase

NeXstep Events consult clients during the planning phase to establish a budget for each event.  Based on the budget, we then compile various packages and options suitable to the clients’ objective.  We present these options to our clients and customize the options where needed until our clients’ needs are met.

Cricket stand hospitality

Stand hospitality debriefing

Following the event we ask our clients feedback.  I am happy to report that Dykes van Heerden Attorney and Conveyances report a positive return on their investment with this event.  They did not only have happy and fun-filled clients but build stronger loyalty towards their brand.

This goes to show that NeXstep Events can customize an event according to our customers budget and still ensure an entertainment that leaves customers feel  appreciative.



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